• Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor
  • Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor
  • Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor
  • Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor
  • Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor
  • Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor

Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor

Application: Industrial, Universal, Mill Motor
Operating Speed: Constant Speed
Number of Stator: Three-Phase
Species: Y, Y2 Series Three-Phase
Rotor Structure: Winding Type
Casing Protection: Closed Type
US$ 10000/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order)
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Number of Poles
Starting Mode
Direct on-line Starting
ISO9001, CCC, CE
Rated Power
up to 25000kw
50Hz, 60Hz
3.3kv, 5.5kv, 6.6kv,10kv,11kv,13.8kv
Cooling Method
IC611 IC616 IC666
Rotation Direction
Insulation Class
Rotor Type
Frame Size
Frame Material
Carbon Steel
Duty Type
Rolling Bearing
Manufacturing Standard
IEC Standard
Transport Package
Standard Seaworthy Packing
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Product Description

Y, YKS, YQF, YKK and YR, YRKS, YRQF, YRKK (6kV, 10kV) series large sized high voltage three-phase induction motors (H710~1120) the newest products absorbed the advanced technology of 1980s, which designed and developed by our company in accordance with the national and professional standard. This series products are renewed substitute of old Y, YR series motors.
This series products adopt the high-quality materials, good manufacturing process, have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, small vibration, reliable operating and convenient for mounting and maintenance.
The power grade, electric property, mounting dimensions and tolerance are coincident with national standard GB755 Rotating Electric Motor Rating and Property, International Electrical Committee standard IEC34-1 Rotating Electric Motor Rating and Property and national standards GB/T13957-2008 The Basic Technical Terms of Large Sized Three-phase Induction Motor etc.
The enclosure protections of this series of motor include 5 types, i.e. IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55 and IP56 in accordance with the standards of GB4942.1 and IEC34-5 Enclosure Protection Class of Rotating Electrical Machine. The IP23 motor may be changed to IP44 (pipeline ventilation) or IPW24 (climate protection type). If the users need other protection class, we may also provide relevant products.
There are 3 cooling methods of this series of motor, i.e., IC01, IC611 and IC81W in accordance with the standards of GB/T1993 and IEC34-6 Cooling Methods of Rotating Electrical Machine. If the users need other cooling methods, we may also provide relevant products.
The structure and Installation method of this series of motor is IMB3 (horizontal with footing), and complies with the the specifications in GB997 and IEC 34-7 Motor Structure and Mounting Type Code.
This series of motor may be classified into 8 series in accordance with the rotor type, protection class and cooling method:

Mode Protection class Cooling method Rotor type
Squirrel cage rotor Wound rotor
Damp proof IP23 IC01 Y series motor YR series motor
Climate protection type IPW24 IC01 YQF series motor YRQF series motor
Air-water cooling enclosed type IP44,IP54,IP55 IC81W YKS series
YRKS series
Air-air cooling enclosed type IP44,IP54,IP55 IC611 YKK series
YRKK series

This sample table lists the technical data and external installation sizes of all series of 6kV and 10kV motors in all sizes, and may derive the 3kV, 10.5kV and 11kV level motors in all sizes.

Application Scope
This series of motor may be used for driving all kinds of general machines such as the compressor, ventilation fan, water pump, stock-removing machine, transportation machines and other mechanical equipment, and are applied as the prime mover in all industrial and mining enterprises such as the mine, machinery, petrochemical industry and power plant, etc. If the users place an order for the motors that are used for driving the machines with huge rotary inertia such as the blower, coal grinder, rolling machine, crusher, belt machine, etc, they shall provide us with relevant technical data, sign the technical agreement with us as the basis for specific design of motor to ensure the reliable operation of motor.
Normal operation conditions for motor:
  1. Sea level is not over 1000m;
  2. The highest ambient temperature doesn not exceed 40ºC; the lowest ambient temperature of the motor with rolling bearing is -15ºC, and for the motor with sliding bearing is 5ºC; for the lowest ambient temperature of the series YKS, YRKS motor is 5ºC;
  3. For the YKS and YRKS series of motors, the highest temperature of cooled water in the cooling inlet is not exceed 33ºC, and the lowest temperature is 5ºC;
  4. In moist month, the monthly overage highest relative humidity is 90%, at the same time, the monthly overage lowest temperature is not over 25ºC;
  5. The frequency of power source is 50Hz±l%;
  6. The variation of work voltage is not over rated voltage±5%;
  7. Motor rating is continuous operation system SI.
Construction Description
Y and YR are the basic series motor, the protection class is IP23, the cooling method is IC01. This may derive the motors with all different protection classes and cooling methods, e.g., YKS
(air- water cooling), YQF (climate protection), YKK (air-air cooling), YRKS, YRQF and YRKK series of motors.
The motor employs the internationally popular box structure, and the frame and end cover is welded with steel plate featuring the good stiffness and light weight. After removing the protective cover (or cooler), we may observe and touch the inside of motor, which is convenient for installation and maintenance of motor. The stator employs the external pressing structure. The stator winding employs the F-level insulation material and anti-corona material. The fixing of winding terminals employs the reliable special binding process. The whole stator employs the vacuum pressure impregnation F-level solventless paint (VPI) for treatment. Thus, the motor has the excellent and reliable insulation performance and damp-proof and shock resistance.
The squirrel-cage rotor in this series of motor mostly adopts the cast aluminum rotor, and no breakage of rotor happened, so the operation is very reliable; the squirrel-cage copper bar rotor employs the advanced and reliable welding process, and receives the fixation treatment inside the slot. The wound rotor employs the F-level insulation material and uses the vacuum pressure impregnation F-level solventless paint (VPI) for treatment.
There are two models of bearings, i.e., rolling bearing and sliding bearing. They are classified by the motor power size and rotating speed, and the protection class of basic model is IP44. If the motor has the high protection class, the protection class of bearing will be also improved accordingly.
The motor employs the rolling bearing structure has the oil filling and exhausting equipment without stopping the machine, and the special oil filling tools may be used for filling and exhausting the oil without stopping the machine.
The main outlet box employs the sealed structure, and the protection level is IP54. They are generally installed on the right side of motor (viewed from the shaft end), and they may also be installed on the left side based on the demands of users. The inlet holes of outlet box may be switched to the upper, down, left and right directions. The box has the separate grounding terminals.

Starting of Induction Motor (Y, YKS, YQF, YKK)
The rotor of induction motor has adopted the advanced computer technique to calculate the temperature and pressure of the squirrel rotor, thus to avoid the motor's destroy at a early period because of the motor's overloaded while starting. So we suggest users to check the items as belows:
  1. The moment of inertial (after being converted to motor's rotating speed) of the rotating part of the driven mechanical equipment should not over these values of (loading J) item shown in the technical table;
  2. Customers should guarantee the voltage of electric network across the motor's terminals not lower than 85% of the rated value during starting;

The resistance moment feature of driven machines is the resistance moment feature of water pump and fan.
Under the above mentioned conditions, motor may be permitted to be started at actual cold condition for twice continuously, or at hot condition for once, the interval of two times starting is natural stoppage. The restarting of the motor over the above times should be one hour later.
If the moment of inertia of the mechanical rotating part of the driven machinery is over the value shown in (loading J) item of technical data, or there is a requirement to start motor frequently, or it is possible to start the motor under heavy loading, it is necessary to contact with our company for negotiating about specific design so as to ensure the reliable start-up of motor.

Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor
Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor
Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor


Packaging & Shipping

Standard seaworthy package for export
Plywood package or wooden fumigation package
Suitable for long distance transportation by sea

Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor
Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor
Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motor


Company Profile

Yrkk800 8 5000kw 6kv Three-Phase Induction Electric Motor with Wound Rotor Slip Ring MotorLocated in Changsha, central China's Hunan province, Changli Electric Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Changli Group, which was formally known as Changsha Motor Factory founded in 1946, is a leading electric motor manufacturer among Top 10 industrial electric motor manufacturers in China. With over 70 years' production experience and research and development capabilities, we can produce a wide range of motors. After years' development, we have several branches, offices and marketing centers around the country.
With an investment of 1094 million yuan, the company covers an area of 400mu (about 270, 000m2), has over 600 sets of precision production equipment, with annual production capacity of 8, 000 MW.
At present, we have over 350 employees, in which engineers and technicians accounting for 18%. With a strong technical research and development team and over 70 years' manufacturing experience, we can produce various kinds of low voltage motors, medium voltage motors and high voltage motors.
Our testing center is Hunan Medium and Small Sized Motors Quality Supervision Station, an authorized test station of China National Quality Inspection Center, is responsible for the quality supervision and sampling inspection of motor products of various motor manufacturers in Central and Southern China. We can test 40 series of high and low voltage motors.
Our products include standard motors, synchronous/asynchronous motors, high efficiency motors, premium efficiency motors, explosion proof motors, special motors, variable frequency speed regulation motors, ultra-high speed motors, submersible motors, wound rotor slip ring motors, permanent magnet motors, large-sized vertical circulating pump motors, etc.

Our Advantages

Wide power range available
Excellent starting performance
Available to all industry segments and applications in global supply
Highest reliability to minimize operation cost from downtime
High flexibility with customizable design
Support  to witness FAT on site/online 

Quality Control

In-process Inspection/ Quality Control
All the measuring apparatus and instruments are calibrated each year.
Quality control for each item

Part   Inspection item
Coil 1. Physical and chemical tests for raw materials
2. Coil winding process inspection
3. Winding dimension inspection
Iron Core 1. Physical and chemical test report for silicon steel sheet material
2. Lamination burrs and paint film inspection
3. Dimensional inspection of laminated steel sheet
Frame 1.Cold welding parts conformity certificate
2. Finish machining inspection
Rotor 1. Rotor core lamination inspection
2. Conducting bar welding
3. Check the material, appearance, conductivity and size of the conducting bar end ring
4. Check the fastening of the conducting bars in the slots
5. Dimensional check, including iron core outer diameter
6. Dynamic balance correction
Shaft 1. Raw material , annealing check
2 Finish machining check
Stator 1. Iron core compactness check
2. Check iron core length and section length
3 Inserting winding check
4. Iron consumption check
1.Plain bearing size and surface quality check
2. Check the size of the air gap, the coincidence of the axial centerline of the stator and rotor core, the gap of inner fan and windshield
3 Cleaning check inside the motor
4 Shaft center height and installation size check
Test 1. Routine test
2. Type test

Each motor must be tested before leaving the factory. After the motor is qualified, the motor can be shipped out. Each motor will have a test report.

Routine test items
Winding three-phase DC resistance
Winding insulation resistance to ground
Winding withstand voltage test
No-load current
No-load power
No-load loss
Three-phase no-load current imbalance
Locked rotor current
Locked rotor torque
Maximum torque
Rotation direction
Vibration: horizontal, vertical, axial 
Type test items
Full load input power
Full load current
Stator winding loss
Rotor winding loss
Iron loss
Mechanical loss
Other losses
Full-load slip ratio
Stator winding temperature rise
Bearing temperature
Thermal winding insulation resistance
Overload test
Full-load power factor
After Sales Service

Standard warranty: 12 months after commissioning, or 18 months after delivery, whichever comes first.
If you would like to extend the warranty period, please contact us for details.

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